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Leadership Team

Founded by leaders in industrial fan design, engineering and applications, Argus Fans has assembled a uniquely qualified team to serve its world-wide clientele. Each executive within the firm has the broad industry experience and functional field experience needed to achieve success on every job. Our approach is tailored and customized to the client’s specific needs.

Robert Stevenson, B.Sc. (Eng), P. Eng

http://www.argusfanstechnologies.com/images/A%20Comprehensive%20Industrial%20Fan%20Technology%20&%20Engineering%20Know%20How.jpgRobert Stevenson graduated with an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of London, U.K in 1956 and immigrated to Canada in 1957 with his family.  He had previously served in the RAF as an armament technician during World War II, during which time he spent three years in India.

After the war in 1948, he obtained a position as a laboratory assistant with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, ultimately becoming an Experimental Officer in the Vehicle Research Section of D.S.I.R, a position he held for several years while attending night school to get his B.Sc. (Eng) degree.

In 1957, he came to Canada, where he obtained a position in Sheldons Engineering Ltd as a Sales Engineer preparing quotations, ultimately rising through the ranks to become Supervising Engineer in 1963. During this time he was also the senior Service Engineer and undertook the field servicing of many large Industrial start-ups and field problems.

 As Supervising Engineer, he undertook many designs that were unique in some way and a first for the Company, such as the first FRP + Titanium acid regeneration fan for a U.S. steel mill. All the time he was writing technical Engineering Data Files to ensure that his knowledge was available to all Engineers and technical Sales staff in the Company  He also undertook to write all the Sales Catalogues to promote the technical capability of the growing Engineering and Sales staff. In 1968 he was made Vice President-Engineering.

In 1983 the Sheldons Company was sold to a successful Danish Axial fan company looking to expand into the Centrifugal fan business in N. America.  He was retained as Vice President of Engineering of Novenco Canada Inc, a position he held until retirement on 1990.  During his entire tenure at Sheldons and with Novenco Canada Inc he supervised the design and testing of many newer designs that were required by Sales staff as the fan industry became more demanding of higher efficiency, higher pressures, higher temperatures and even more unusual applications that required innovative approaches which in some cases had never been tried before.

The personal engineering data system he had initiated many years ago to provide consistent design guide-lines for himself for the many questions he was required to answer, as well as recording his own aerodynamic design procedures, continues to provide the design and engineering guidelines that are being successfully used today in Argus Fans Inc, a company he formed on his retirement.

Since his retirement in 1990, he has personally undertaken a large number of special projects for Argus Fans Inc both in USA and Canada, as well as Mexico, Peru, Iran and Bahrain, all of which were successful for the clients, as indicated on this website under Projects.

Throughout his career he has made sure that any engineering application experience gained has been available from his personal data system for dissemination to the Sales and Engineering groups within the companies.  In this way, new engineers and sales personnel can be brought up to functional speed much more quickly.  All staff members were encouraged to offer solutions and improvements from new engineering knowledge for the ultimate benefit of themselves and the Company.

The US trade association known world-wide as AMCA produces publications covering important aspects of fan design and engineering. Individual fan companies provide the expert personnel to write these publications, which are then available to all interested parties. Mr. Stevenson was the designated engineer from Sheldons Engineering Ltd, and was specifically responsible for the format of AMCA Publication 203, “Field Performance Measurements”, which has been in production for the past 25 years, with occasional up-dates. He was actively involved as one of the AMCA committee members for the following AMCA publications

  • Fan Field Testing – A Guide.... AMCA Publication 203
  • Site Testing Standards.... AMCA Publication 803
  • Model Fan Testing.... AMCA Publication 802 & AMCA 802 Review
  • Specification Guide Lines.... AMCA 801 & AMCA 801 Review

   He also served on several ISO committees for standardization of international fan policies as a Canadian representative for 12 years.

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John Hufnagel, P. Eng BA. Sc, MBA

John Hufnagel graduated from University of Waterloo in 1992 with an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and from Wilfred Laurier University in 2008 with a Masters in Business Administration. During his co-op placements he worked at Novenco Fans which was eventually purchased by the Howden Fan Company in 1993.

Upon graduation, he continued his career in the fan industry for the next 5 years by working in consulting engineering at FlowCare Engineering, in Cambridge, Ontario. While there he providing design, field supervision and vibration analysis services for major fan manufacturers and fan end users in Canada and the USA. After working in the engineering consulting industry for 5 years, he took a break from fan engineering and moved into the material handling industry for 1 year.

In 1999, John accepted the role of Chief Engineer of Daltec Canadian Buffalo Manufacturing in Guelph, Ontario and provided the engineering expertise to help transform Daltec from a regional fan manufacture to an international supplier of high performance industrial fans, mostly using Fan Technology purchased from Argus Fans Inc. All of the companies for which fans were designed and installed were major well known users of industrial fans, such as Mittal Steel, Inco, SNC-Lavalin, Fluor-Daniel, Lurgi Metallurgie, Debeers Canada, etc.

During this period he also undertook courses that led to his MBA degree specializing in business information systems.
In 2009, John moved out of direct manufacturing into consulting and teaching. He currently provides engineering consulting services to the fan industry, along with teaching courses in mechanical engineering at Conestoga College at Kitchener, Ontario. This has afforded him the opportunity to develop enhanced fan engineering software that enables the fan selection and preliminary engineering to be conducted on a web portal. This data is then fed directly into another application to automatically generate manufacturing and customer drawings in the SolidWorks format.

John has gained an enormous amount of centrifugal fan knowledge in his 18 years in the fan industry as indicated by the broad depth off his experience, which includes the following:

  • Impeller Design - complete mechanical design often using AutoCAD and Solidworks software.
  • Vibration and Noise Analysis – Field trips for clients pose many unique problems that he has successfully solved.
  • Field Supervision and Start-up – Requires in-depth knowledge of centrifugal fan erection practices.
  • Fan Engineering Software – Created an enormous amount of practical computerized methods of designing fans more easily.
  • Drafting Automation- - Use of Solidworks and AutoCAD to reduce time spent on drafting, with training of staff in its use.
  • Aerodynamic Performance – Testing of custom designs to ensure conformance with quoted performance and creating standards for future use.
  • Computer programming – Writing computer software programs for any problem encountered in fan engineering design, along with Business Process Mapping for fan manufacturing companies.
  • Managing the work loads of a busy Engineering Dept with responsibility for training, salaries, hiring, promotions, etc.

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Fred Thompson MIE Aust, CPEng, CEng , MIMechE.

Fred Thomson 9-2-10.jpg Fred has extensive experience in the air and gas handling industry, particularly in large fans.  His career spans over 40 years and extends from CO2 circulators for UK nuclear power to gas cleaning fans, air-preheaters and specialised acoustic products.

Based mainly in Australia, Fred is a hands-on engineer who has a wide range of skills developed to support his many years as a senior engineering executive in a major fan company.  Proficiencies include SolidWorks Premium with FEA and other simulation software together with the conventional Microsoft packages.  All of this provides a sound basis for efficient handling of customer’s projects.

Key lifetime achievements
In 2000 Fred set up a design and consulting company that  has completed a range of diverse projects including design of an air turbine for wave energy recovery, design of a standardised range of underground mining auxiliary fans and other mine ventilation fans in addition to finding solutions to a range of fan problems in the field.  The company has also re-engineered and supplied new fan components and designs for Sugar Mills in the Philippines.  Much of this work has utilized Argus Fan technology.

In the course of his career Fred Thomson has worked on several continents and has many contacts in industry.  He has an extensive knowledge of the Power and other industries in Australia and overseas.  Handling many large projects using sub-contractors has given Fred a detailed knowledge of the steel fabrication industry and individual contractors in Australia and Asia.  This background enables him to leverage his knowledge and maximise benefits to the customer.

He has a creative can-do approach that is tempered by prudent, safety-conscious engineering to produce optimum results. While Fred is probably best known as an expert in fan design and application he also has considerable experience in other areas with a good knowledge of most processes and their operations where air and gas handling equipment is applied.

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Pankaj Bhargava B. Mech. Eng

Pankaj Bhargava has over 25 years entrepreneurial experience in the industrial fan industry, focusing on general management and marketing. Most recently Pankaj was Managing Director of Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Ltd, a company he founded in India in 1987 that designed and developed high efficiency axial FRP fans to serve critical industrial applications like Cooling towers, Heat Exchangers, Mining and Wind Tunnels.

Pankaj helped grow Parag Fans from a small, privately held enterprise to a publicly traded company with customers in India, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, and Canada.  Pankaj has recently been very successful in establishing a technology transfer agreements for Argus Fans Inc in India. Pankaj graduated from the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India in 1983 and holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently Vice-President-Marketing of Argus Fans Technologies.


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